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Business Consulting :
Poddar Technology Solutions is proving excellent business consulting for small businesses, our services include advice on starting a small business, writing marketing plans, writing business plans, and business operations analysis, management consulting, marketing and business operations consulting and manufacturing consulting, and following them to get into a successful business. If you are trying to obtain financing for a business startup or trying to grow your exiting business, by these step we will implement your business, Business Plan Preparation, Marketing plan, Website Design, Website promotion, search Engine Optimization, Business analysis, Business Operations Consulting, Lean Manufacturing. We will you help with strategic planning, cash flow planning, cost control, budgeting, product costing, designing an estimating system, management issues, wage and compensation systems.

Poddar Technology Solutions specializes in :
  • Blooming ideas for new start ups (At Poddar Technology Solutions, we carry on with the homework much needed for your new start up; Like collecting datas, doing market surveys, coming up with marketing plans
  • Preparing and writing all sorts of marketing plans, business operations plan, Business execution plans etc etc
  • Helping new ventures with the financial and monetary support needed
  • Business budget/Cost analysis and estimation, Business operations consulting and implementation, cash flow planning, cost control, product costing etc is been taken care at Poddar Technology Solutions
  • We render technical support and all sort of technical ideas and tips specially to new ventures and old ventures can use the same to grow their business to the very next levels
  • We start up with goal setting, what the organization is upto, then carry over with the goal with the strategic planning which forces apt actions to be taken.
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